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Hippo’s Last Hurrah: Dying Shelter Dog Lives His Final Day Awash In Love

Hippo was a stray, a shar-pei who came into the Adams County Animal Shelter in Brighton, CO, earlier this month.

His face had multiple tumors and his overall health was failing, vets said, but Sophiane Nacer, at just 19 already the founder of Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue, wanted to make sure that this sick and long-neglected senior had one beautiful day before he fell asleep forever.

State law mandated that Hippo be held at the shelter for five days. Nacer sprung him as soon as the hold expired.

Despite the obvious hard life he’d been living, Hippo was sweet, calm, loving and accepting of love. His tail wagged and he reveled at the wind in this face on this special freedom ride to the park, where he enjoyed a puppaccino from Starbucks, the company of other dogs, the smells, and even a good, long drink from the lake.

Not surprisingly, after five hours of treats and exploring, of love and affection, the old boy was tired.

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